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At the Law Offices of Nicholas P. Barone, there is nothing more important to us than the sanctity of the family. Our clients often find that they are forced to make decisions that will impact their families for a lifetime, at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable. Contact us for an initial consultation and you will receive careful, personal guidance from our attorney.

What Is Covered By Family Law?

Family law is a term that typically applies to the laws that govern family relationships. These laws, from divorce laws to New York state child support laws, delineate relationships between family members and provide guidance and structure in such diverse areas as:

  • Child custody — Child custody addresses where the child or children will live and which parent will make the important decisions relating to the child’s or children’s upbringing. Visitation, now known as parenting time, refers to the time that the noncustodial parent spends with the child or children.
  • Child support — Child support refers to the financial contribution that the noncustodial parent makes to the upbringing of the child or children. New York state has specific guidelines for determining child support.
  • Modification of court orders — Child custody and support orders can be revisited and revised over time, if circumstances warrant.
  • Paternity — Paternity refers to legally determining who a child’s father is. It is essential for establishing parental rights to custody and obtaining child support.
  • Adoption — Adoption enables an individual or individuals to legally become the parents of a child, regardless of whether they are the parent.
  • Divorce — Divorce is the process for legally ending a marriage. It is sometimes referred to as marital dissolution. Property division and spousal support (aka alimony or spousal maintenance) are determined by the divorce process. Divorce, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and property division are all part of subset of family law known as matrimonial law.

Family law not only defines the relationships within the immediate family, but it also directs and reflects the family’s decisions and interactions with society as a whole, and as such is often extremely value-laden. All of these issues make family law one of the most complex practice areas for both lawyers and their clients. For more information about the legal aspects of family law, please see also our family law frequently asked questions page.

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In family law and divorce, careful consultation with an experienced lawyer is crucial. Mr. Barone can carefully make sure that you are choosing the right family law or divorce option for your needs. He understands the stress you are going through and wants to help you through this difficult time.

If you are seeking a divorce, attorney Barone will fight to protect your interests. He is a lawyer who will be there for you when you need him, throughout the divorce process, using New York state child support laws and divorce laws to your advantage. In fact, an overwhelming majority of Mr. Barone’s clients stay with him and confer with him every time they need an attorney. Visit our Testimonials page to read the comments of a few satisfied clients.

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