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Learn More About Child Support In New York

Raising children is expensive, and costs only seem to go up when parents get divorced and are maintaining two separate residences. Thankfully, child support laws in New York place top priority on ensuring that children’s financial needs are met, regardless of whether their parents are divorced or were never married.

How Support Is Calculated

The guidelines determining child support amounts are codified in the state’s Child Support Standards Act (CSSA). The first factor considered is the combined income of both parents, broken into what are essentially two income brackets. After that, courts consider add-on expenses such as daycare or non-reimbursed medical expenses.

The overall calculation is more complex and nuanced than described above, of course. To get the most accurate estimate of court-ordered child support payments, you should consult with a family law attorney or an online child support calculator.

Child Support Is Distinct From Many Other Considerations

Because child support is so essential to a child’s well-being, laws and court practices seek to prevent parents from gaming the system in an effort to reduce child support liability. Prenuptial agreements, for instance, cannot place enforceable conditions on the establishment or amount of child support. Similarly, judges are wary of parents who seem to be seeking a greater proportion of child custody primarily to limit their child support obligations.

At the Law Office of Nicholas P. Barone, we take child well-being equally seriously. Whether you will be entitled to child support or asked to pay it, our goal is to ensure that court-ordered payment amounts are fair and an accurate reflection of financial circumstances.

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